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17:40, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30

Airline tickets

Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
17:20AF4426Air FranceParisDlanded at 17:22
17:20FB1363Bulgaria AirSofiaFlanded at 17:03
17:20SU2061AeroflotSofiaFlanded at 17:03
17:20SU260AeroflotParisDlanded at 17:22
17:25AF4946Air FranceKrasnodarDboarding is over
17:25AF4947Air FranceKrasnodarDlanded at 17:25
17:25AZ3032AlitaliaKrasnodarDlanded at 17:25
17:25AZ3792AlitaliaKrasnodarDboarding is over
17:25KL3189KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnodarDlanded at 17:25
17:25SU1103AeroflotKrasnodarDlanded at 17:25
17:25SU1106AeroflotKrasnodarDboarding is over
17:25SU2031AeroflotBudapestFlanded at 17:18
17:25UN649TransaeroHurghadaFboarding is over
17:30KL2952KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesYerevanDboarding is over
17:30OK4902CSA Czech AirlinesPragueEexpected at 17:43
17:30SU038AeroflotSt.PetersburgDboarding is over
17:30SU1862AeroflotYerevanDboarding is over
17:30SU2013AeroflotPragueEexpected at 17:43
17:30SU2323AeroflotMunichDexpected at 17:50
17:35AZ3778AlitaliaVladivostokDboarding is over
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Moscow, 18 September, Thursday, 17:36
38,37 Pub.

Press releases

Cargo complex Sheremetyevo starts cool chain supporting for ABC)

Since September 2014 “Cargo complex Sheremetyevo” implemented a range of infrastructure solutions designed to ensure the temperature control for pharmaceutical goods arriving by “AirBridgeCargo” from Basel to the International airport Sheremetyevo (SVO, Moscow)

Sheremetyevo Airport announces the sale of Vladivostok International Airport’s shares

JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport (JSC MASH) is invited to take part in a bid for the takeover of JSC Vladivostok International Airport (JSC MAV) and CJSC Terminal Vladivostok shares, as well as for the acquisition of rights (claims) on loan agreements.