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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
18:05AF4932Air FranceKaliningradDboarding is over
18:05AF4968Air FranceSamaraDlanded at 17:51
18:05AZ3956AlitaliaKaliningradDboarding is over
18:05AZ3973AlitaliaSamaraDlanded at 17:51
18:05KL3228KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesSamaraDlanded at 17:51
18:05KL3272KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKaliningradDboarding is over
18:05SU1006AeroflotKaliningradDboarding is over
18:05SU1213AeroflotSamaraDlanded at 17:51
18:05SU1521AeroflotNovy UrengoyDlanded at 18:08
18:05SU2132AeroflotIstanbulDboarding is over
18:10KE924Korean AirSeoulDboarding is over
18:10SU2323AeroflotMunichDexpected at 18:35
18:10SU3890AeroflotSeoulDboarding is over
18:15FI7234IcelandairAmsterdamFlanded at 18:14
18:15KL3180KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesAmsterdamFlanded at 18:14
18:15SU1801AeroflotKievDlanded at 17:57
18:15SU2501AeroflotMadridDlanded at 18:12
18:15SU2551AeroflotAmsterdamFlanded at 18:14
18:15UX3285Air EuropaMadridDlanded at 18:12
18:20JP915Adria AirwaysLjubljanaFboarding
18:20N41912Nordwind AirlinesHurghadaCexpected at 18:57
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Moscow, 31 October, Friday, 18:23
43,39 Pub.

Press releases

At the request of bid participants, Sheremetyevo Airport extends the time limit for its acceptance of offers for takeover of Vladivostok Airport shares

JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport is making public a time limit extension from October 31st to November 21st, 2014 for the acceptance of statements and offers for the takeover of the shares of JSC Vladivostok International Airport (JSC MAV) and CJSC Terminal Vladivostok, as well as for the acquisition of rights (claims) under loan agreements.

Sheremetyevo Airport has provided services to more than 24 million passengers since the beginning of the year

Sheremetyevo International Airport has summarized its production performance for the first nine months of 2014. Since the beginning of the year, the volume of serviced passengers grew by 8.8% over the same period in 2013, reaching 24,394,000 passengers.