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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
05:30AZ595AlitaliaRomeDboarding is over
05:30SU201AeroflotBeijingFlanded at 05:22
05:30SU2729AeroflotMalagaElanded at 05:12
05:30SU3204AeroflotRomeDboarding is over
05:35KL2902KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnodarDlanded at 05:14
05:35SU1113AeroflotKrasnodarDlanded at 05:14
05:35SU1511AeroflotSurgutDlanded at 05:17
05:40AF4431Air FranceEkaterinburgDlanded at 05:40
05:40KL3219KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesEkaterinburgDlanded at 05:40
05:40SU1409AeroflotEkaterinburgDlanded at 05:40
05:45AF4963Air FranceChelyabinskDexpected at 05:55
05:45KL2939KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesChelyabinskDexpected at 05:55
05:45KL900KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesAmsterdamEboarding is over
05:45SU1425AeroflotChelyabinskDexpected at 05:55
05:45SU3124AeroflotAmsterdamEboarding is over
05:55KL2857KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesArkhangelskDlanded at 05:31
05:55SU1335AeroflotArkhangelskDlanded at 05:31
06:00KL3254KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesN.NovgorodDboarding
06:00KL3255KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesN.NovgorodDexpected at 05:58
06:00SU1223AeroflotN.NovgorodDexpected at 05:58
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Press releases

Since the beginning of this year Sheremetyevo has served more than 11 million passengers.

Sheremetyevo International Airport summed up the results of production activity of May and five month of 2015. The number of served passengers since the beginning of the year reduced by 1,6% in comparison with the same period in 2014 and formed 11 million 350 thousands travelers.

Sheremetyevo International Airport and Sichuan Airlines open an aerobridge to a World Center of giant pandas.

Sheremetyevo International Airport and Sichuan Airlines enter into cooperation. In the framework of spring-summer touristic season new regular direction to PRC from Moscow to Chengdu is opening.