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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
02:10SU2133AeroflotIstanbulDlanded at 02:01
02:20SU1632AeroflotSimferopolDboarding is over
02:30FG708Ariana Afghan AirlinesKabulCboarding
02:35SU1512AeroflotSurgutDboarding is over
02:408Q2086AntalyaEexpected at 02:46
02:45N41885Nordwind AirlinesAntalyaCboarding
03:10N41611Nordwind AirlinesHeraklionC
03:10N41615Nordwind AirlinesHeraklionCcheck in
03:15SU2383AeroflotGenevaFexpected at 03:33
03:20AZ596AlitaliaRomeDexpected at 03:26
03:20SU3205AeroflotRomeDexpected at 03:26
03:25N41835Nordwind AirlinesDalamanCcheck in
03:30SU2305AeroflotFrankfurtDexpected at 03:56
03:408Q2085AntalyaEcheck in
03:50SU2393AeroflotZurichFexpected at 04:12
04:05FI7210IcelandairCopenhagenEexpected at 04:10
04:05N41811Nordwind AirlinesAntalyaCcheck in
04:05SU2497AeroflotCopenhagenEexpected at 04:10
04:10SU2595AeroflotMunichDexpected at 04:11
04:15N41803Nordwind AirlinesAntalyaCcheck in
04:25JU656Air SerbiaBelgradeFexpected at 04:18
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Moscow, 29 July, Tuesday, 2:29
35,34 Pub.

Press releases

The Sheremetyevo International Airport has selected a partner, AECOM, for implementation of new Terminal B and Inter-Terminal Communication projects

On July 8th, 2014, the management of SP “Terminal B Sheremetyevo” and SP “Sheremetyevo Inter-Terminal Passage” signed with AECOM two project management agreements for construction of a new Terminal B of the Northern terminal complex (NTC) and Inter-Terminal Passage (passenger and luggage tunnels between STC and NTC)

Sheremetyevo Airport Presents Proposals to Aviation Leaders on the Strengthening of Russian Airport Investment Potential

Sheremetyevo Airport is participating in the Second International Civil Aviation Leaders Strategy Forum to be held today, June 27th, 2014, in Moscow. Igor Yuganson, Advisor of the General Director of Sheremetyevo Airport, delivered a speech at the session entitled “Contemporary Issues in the Strategic Development of Airports and Fuelling Enterprise”