Airport Safety

Dear passengers:

To ensure safety during your stay in Sheremetyevo International Airport and during the flight period, please, observe the following general rules of safety.

At the entrance to the passenger terminal building, everyone is inspected. The purpose of the inspection is to detect weapons, explosives and other hazardous objects and substances which can be used for terrorist attacks, acts of unlawful interference in the operation of civil aviation or to inflict harm to the life and health of the people in the airport.

If you have weapons and other hazardous objects, please, inform a security officer at the airport entrance hall who will advise you on the procedure to be followed.

The following items are referred to hazardous objects: all types of weapon including gas spray guns, airguns and bladed weapons, any kind of explosive material, pressurised and liquefied gases, neuroparalytic and tear gas bottles, highly inflammable, poisonous and toxic substances, strong inorganic acids and objects which can inflict harm to the life and health of citizens.

  • Do not leave your luggage unattended, do not receive objects for storage, transportation and handover from unknown persons.
  • Inform the police or security officer in the lounge about all abandoned items found in the airport, without touching them. All the security personnel wear an official uniform and have special identification signs.
  • If you get any information on preparation for a terrorist attack or other act of unlawful interference in the operation of civil aviation, please, contact the police control room via telephone +7 (495) 578-22-55 or inform any police officer or security officer in the lounge.

The airport is a high risk facility. One should stay alert and observe additional precautionary measures while in the airport.