Fear of flying treatment center

Fear of flying treatment express-center was opened at Sheremetyevo at June 11, 2013. To date, this format of the Center at the airport is unique worldwide.

Express center is located in Terminal E Sheremetyevo (1st floor) and is designed to provide pre-counseling to passengers just before the flight. Counseling session lasts approximately 30 — 60 minutes prior to boarding the aircraft.

There are 3 zones in Express-center each designed for different stages of aerophobia treatment. For example, air travelers will be able to get personal advice by aviation psychologist, who with the help of unique techniques and modern equipment will facilitate the passengers and help to cope with panic before the flight.

Express center has the necessary training equipment and modern programs. In particular, passengers are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Virtual Reality (VRET — Virtual Reality Exposition Therapy) — the most advanced computer technology, which is used to treat aerophobia. Using sophisticated computer-optical equipment, a passenger feels himself on board the aircraft, which is necessary for activation of fear. After that, the expert of the Center will teach passenger skills of relaxation, repeating a virtual flight over and over again until the patient getting rid of panic.

If you want radically to change the attitude toward flights of panic, Center presents a special short video — the course “To fly without fear.” Passenger can see the individual parts of the course on his most requested topics: the device plane and causes turbulence, skills, thought control and physiology, fragments of exposure therapy in the Boeing — 737 simulator.

Terminal E, 1st floor, office 1-69
Тел.: Tel: +7 (495) 649-87-62
Mon-Fri: 15.00 – 21.00
Sat, Sun – closed.