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Aviation Security

For your safety, Sheremetyevo International Airport enforces a number of mandatory procedures.

  • Pre-clearance points are established at the entrances to Sheremetyevo terminals. Pre-clearance with the use of inspection equipment shall apply to individuals entering the terminals, and their hand baggage.
  • Prior to boarding a plane, each passenger, including his or her luggage and hand baggage, are subject to pre-clearance procedures. Passengers who refuse to pass pre-flight inspection and submit their luggage for inspection shall not be admitted on board.
  • Inspection in the airport is held in special offices (inspection rooms), properly equipped with installed equipment and video surveillance systems, and in special rooms (cabins) for individual inspections.

Pre-flight inspection of passengers is carried out using technical and special devices, and by hand (contact method).

At pre-flight inspection, passengers are required to submit their outer garments, shoes and items with metal components (belts, keys, cigarettes, cigar cases, etc.) for examination by technical devices (scanners), and to proceed through the metal detector gate.

Screening of passengers at Sheremetyevo International Airport may also involve a radio scan portal (to detect any dangerous and prohibited items on a passenger’s body). Passengers refusing to pass pre-flight inspection at the portal are subject to mandatory manual check (contact method).

Passengers who have heart stimulator implants are subject to manual check (contact method) and/or individual inspection without any technical devices involved.

Passengers who are unable to pass pre-flight inspection in accordance with standard procedures by reason of poor health (disabled persons, individuals with limited physical abilities, etc.) shall pass the inspection at the medical station of the airport.

Aviation Security Service personnel shall admit passengers to pre-flight inspection in order of priority to avoid any crowding.

In the course of pre-flight inspection, transit police or Aviation Security Service personnel will interview passengers to identify potentially dangerous individuals and substances prohibited aboard of an aircraft.

While passing pre-flight inspection and answering questions of the Aviation Security Service personnel regarding your possessions and substances prohibited aboard an aircraft, make sure to refrain from irrelevant jokes, such as “It’s a bomb”, “This is acid”, etc. Such answers are treated as a statement that the passenger actually carries dangerous substances and items, and any such passenger may be deplaned and handed over to the transport police for further questioning and prosecution in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, including institution of criminal proceedings under Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Fraudulent message of the act of terrorism”).

No items with the package bearing danger signs are admitted for transportation as hand baggage and/or luggage. Any dangerous items and/or substances found in a passenger’s hand baggage or luggage, however freely distributed and prohibited for transportation by air, shall be handed over to individual(-s) seeing this particular passenger off, or, alternatively, the passenger may submit the said items and/or substances for storage at the airport.

Attention! Air passengers are not allowed to take suitcases, parcels and any other items from strangers for transportation aboard the aircraft, including any other object or item from temporary storage in the lounge and in the adjacent areas.

Attention! Socially hazardous acts committed in the airport or aboard the aircraft, including any breach of aviation security regulations, shall result in criminal or administrative liability in accordance with applicable laws of the Russian Federation or the country of destination.

For purposes of security within the terminals and in the areas adjacent to Sheremetyevo Airport, all and any abandoned items are treated as potentially dangerous. In the event of detection of an abandoned item, avoid any contact with it, do not try to move or otherwise manipulate it. Avoid using cell phones, unless you are at least 50 m away from an abandoned item. Please report any abandoned items you may detect in the terminals or adjacent areas to the nearest policeman or to the Aviation Security Service officer (at the inspection offices or checkpoints), or to any other individual dressed in the Aviation Security Service uniform.

Aviation Security Service and transport police officers performing inspections shall be attentive and polite to passengers and shall avoid any actions derogatory to their dignity.

Dear passengers! Send your comments, suggestions and/or complaints regarding quality services to Sheremetyevo Airport “P.O. Box”. Every communication will be considered and the applicants will be advised of the results by the phone, e-mail or mailing address provided by the applicant.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police: 02 (for cell phones, dial 112)
LA MIA+7 (495) 578-22-54
Terminal D+7 (495) 578-47-54