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Lost and found

If your luggage is lost or damaged, or some items are missing, before leaving the arrival lounge, please, contact the "Lost and found service" to file a report. The written claim should be presented to the carrier immediately after the damage is found, but not later than seven days from the time when the luggage was collected.

From a written claim filed on the basis of the passenger’s travel document, the carrier immediately starts searching for the checked luggage:

  • Sends an enquiry message on the whereabouts of the luggage to the airport of departure;
  • Sends enquiries to the airports where the luggage could have been delivered by mistake;
  • Sends an enquiry to send the luggage on if it is found.

If the registered luggage is not found within twenty-one days of the time when the claim was filed, the passenger has the right to claim damages for the luggage loss. If the checked luggage is found, the carrier informs the owner and delivers the items luggage to the airport and to the address stated by the passenger without any extra fee.

Automatic baggage tracing system World Tracer:

Terminals E and F: +7 (495) 578-65-65
Working hours: 06-00 - 24-00.
Lost and Found Terminal D (Aeroflot domestic flights): +7 (499) 500-72-70
Lost and Found Terminal D (Aeroflot international flights): +7 (495) 544-33-25
Working hours: round the clock
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