Lost Property Office

You have to apply to the "Lost property office" of Sheremetyevo Airport, if you want to find lost things in the terminal (except customs control zones) or on the forecourt, tel.: +7 (495) 578-74-64

It is necessary to accurately describe the lost thing, specify the date, time and place of loss (terminal, board), when you contact the "Lost property office". It is important to specify the distinctive visual characteristics of things. The employee of "Lost and Found" will tell you the stored item number after your identification.

Getting forgotten/ lost items is produced at the request of the passenger. It is obliged to provide the ID card.

Rules for issuing lost and found items:

Forgotten items are kept for free within two calendar days. If the term of storage is more than 2 days the fee should be paid according to the approved price list. You can ask the staff to check exact amount to be paid for the storage. After the payment you should send a scan of the check to e-mail: lost-and-found-fe@svo.aero with detailed information about the thing and the owner (what is the thing, description, where it was lost, who is the owner), also you should indicate the number of a stored item and that it needs to be done (it should be sent or taken by someone).

Lost Property Service is located on the 1st floor of Terminal E
You can get information about forgotten/found things by phone: +7 (495) 578-74-64. Working hours: 24/7