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Luggage room

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Prior to flying away to warm countries you now can leave your outwear and shoes in luggage storage rooms of terminals D, E, and F.

Payment is made at the moment of dropping off the luggage.

If you demand your things before 8 days, payment should be made due to the applicable fare: 500 Pub. for one day and 250 Pub. for the each following day for every piece of luggage. Incomplete day should be paid as full. Luggage storage room is located on the right side of Terminal D on the ground floor. Working hours: 24/7

Terms of using the luggage storage:

  • The things are impounded in any package that ensures their safety and eliminates free access to content, damage and contamination of the other clients' belongings and equipment of lockers.
  • Explosive, flammable, toxic substances, perishable products, piercing and cutting items, and armament supplies, money, documents, jewelry, dirty and unpleasant smelling things are prohibited for storage.
  • Glasses and another fragile items are accepted only with a solid box with the mark «Fragile».
  • The things are considered as unclaimed and registered in the determinate order if they are not taken by the owner during 6 months from the date of dropping off.
  • If a passenger loses his baggage claim token then the baggage is claimed upon a passenger's written request. A passenger shall present his passport or other ID and prove that the baggage is of his property. The baggage is claimed out of turn.


  • Taxation is made in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.
  • The time is calculated from the moment of dropping off the baggage and any part of the incomplete days is rounded up to a full day.