Immigration control

In January 2007, the Federal Law “On Migration Registration of Foreign Nationals and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation” and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the Approval of Procedures for Migration Registration of Foreign Nationals and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation” cancelled domiciliary registration or foreign nationals and stateless persons, replacing it by registration of foreign nationals at the place of their stay in the Russian Federation.

  • A foreign national or a stateless person shall receive and fill out a migration card form upon arrival. The card contains personal data about the foreign national and helps to monitor the said national’s temporary stay in the Russian Federation, and shall be returned at the passport control upon departure from this country.
  • Migration card forms are usually available aboard the aircraft. One may also find them in the arrival halls on special desks prior to the passport control line. We suggest you should fill them out in advance, aboard your plane, to avoid lines at the passport control.
  • At the passport control, foreign passengers shall present their passport and filled out migration card form, along with other ID and travel documents. No seizure of the passport and the migration card is allowed.

Migration Card Filling Out Procedure

  • Entry (Card “A”) and Exit (Card “B”) sections of the migration card shall be filled out personally by the owner of the documents eligible for entry to and stay in the Russian Federation in legible handwriting, free of erasures and corrections, using a fountain- or ball-point pen (black, blue or purple ink). Make sure to fill out both parts of the migration card.
  • If a foreign national lacks any knowledge of the Russian language, personal data may be written in English as they are spelled in the passport or any other ID. Columns of the migration card shall be filled out in legible print.
  • Mark a relevant box with “X” to identify sex and purpose of visit.

Further Migration Registration Procedures

All further migration registration procedures shall be performed by the receiving party, so that the foreign national has no need to turn to any further organization and face a call upon his or her time.

The receiving party may be represented by citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign nationals and/or stateless persons residing in the Russian Federation on a permanent basis (holding residence permits), as well as legal entities, their branches or representative offices, wherein the foreign national de facto resides (stays) or works.

If a foreign national checks in at a hotel, the administration of the latter shall be the receiving party, responsible for notifying the territorial body of Federal Migration Service of the foreign national’s arrival within one (1) day, as well as for performing all necessary procedures related to registration of foreign nationals. As a receiving party, the hotel administration shall also be responsible for compliance with the established rules of residence.

Hotel administration will perform all arrangements necessary for registration of the visitor.

The receiving party shall make a stub of the notice available to the foreign national. The said stub with a relevant marking shall be the proof of the foreign national’s registration with the immigration authorities.

Important Notice: The term of temporary stay of a foreign national in the Russian Federation depends on the validity period of his/her visa.

A foreign national arriving in the Russian Federation in accordance with procedures requiring no visa, is allowed to stay in this country up to ninety (90) days, unless otherwise provided for by applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

A foreign national shall leave the Russian Federation upon the expiry of the permitted term of stay. To extend the visa or term of stay, the visitor shall turn to the migration authorities in advance—prior to the expiry of the term mentioned hereinabove.

The departing foreign national shall return the stub of the notice to the receiving party for submission thereof—either by hand or by mail—to the territorial body of the Federal Migration Service. The receiving party shall return the said stub within two (2) business days following the departure of the foreign national.

Failure to comply with migration registration rules may result in administrative penalties to a sum total of RUR 2,000 to RUR 5,000 and, in certain cases, in expulsion from the Russian Federation. Following administrative expulsion, the foreign national may forfeit his or her right to visit the Russian Federation for a period of up to five (5) years.


Federal Migration Service—Terminals D, E, F: +7 (495) 578-19-11