Passenger services Services Mother-and-child room

The Mother-and-child room

+7 926 533-21-57, ext. 1629

2nd floor, the right wing of the building

The Mother-and-child room of Terminal D is located on the second floor in the right wing of the building. Two bedrooms with 25 beds, lavatories with changing tables, kitchen, game rooms with toys and entertainment facilities are offered for passengers.

Skilled personnel are always ready to assist the visitors.

To make use of the services offered by the Mother-and-child room, passengers need to have the child’s passport, ticket and medical insurance (medical insurance can be obtained in the first-aid rooms of the airport, in Terminals C, F and D). The stay for the passengers with children in the recreation rooms is 24 hours (at peak airport periods, this is reduced to 3–4 hours). The Mother-and-child rooms are available free of charge in all terminals. Children under 7-years-old accompanied by one parent are allowed to use The Mother-and-child room.

Play areas are located in Terminal D (after passport control). Rooms are equipped with gaming complex, TVs. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Rooms are designed to entertain children up to 5 years. Working hours: 8.00-20.00.

Other services provided for passengers with children