Air security in Sheremetyevo passed the examination for compliance with international standards

The level of safety and measures of air security used for arranging flights to the USA were examined at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Compliance measures were taken in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) of the US Ministry for State Security on Cooperation in Civil Aviation Security.

Within the framework of the supervision visit representatives of TSA of the US MSS, Russian Federal Air Transport Agency and Russian Federal Transportation Inspection Service were made aware that all relevant TSA requirements regarding flights dispatched to the USA from Sheremetyevo were met at the airport.

During the visit, experts from the USA familiarized themselves with the procedures of preflight check and inspection of aerial vehicles, the system of preparing, testing and certifying employees, baggage screening technologies and cargo security systems. Reliability of flight meal, monitoring the passenger check-in and the system of preflight inspection at the airside gate were also checked.

According to the results of the audit conducted by representatives of the American party, measures of transport/air security applied at Sheremetyevo International Airport for the flights arranged to the USA by such airline companies as Delta, Aeroflot and AirBridgeCargo, are sufficient, and they meet the requirements set by TSA of the US MSS.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the biggest Russian airport by volume of freight and passenger traffic, number of airfield operations, area of the air terminal complex and power of the cargo complex. Sheremetyevo Airport’s network of routes includes more than 186 destinations. In 2016, Sheremetyevo set up a historical record by passenger traffic by having handled 34,300,000 people.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is recognized as the top European airport offering the best service quality in years 2012, 2013, 2015 according to the ratings of ASQ (Airport Service Quality) by ACI (Airports Council International). In 2016, Sheremetyevo Airport took the first place in Europe by service quality in the category of airports with the traffic of 25-40 million people per year.

Currently Sheremetyevo Airport implements a large-scale complex development and modernization program scheduled until 2026. By 2018, Airport yearly capacity will increase to 58 million passengers while preserving a high service quality.

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