Sheremetyevo’s underground interterminal passage is recognized as Russia’s best air transportation innovation project

Sheremetyevo presented development projects at the show “NAIS-2018”

Sheremetyevo International Airport became the winner of the IV national award “Air Gates of Russia”. Sheremetyevo entered top three in the nomination “Best International Airport”, and Sheremetyevo’s underground interterminal passage was recognized as the winner of “Best Innovative Project of the Year”.

The awarding ceremony was held as a part of the forum of the National Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure “NAIS — 2018”. Deputy General Director for Air Terminal Management of Sheremetyevo International Airport Dmitriy Kaigorodov received the awards on behalf of Sheremetyevo during the ceremony.

Within the preparation program for FIFA-2018 World Cup, many new infrastructure objects in Sheremetyevo will be commissioned. Those are: the new passenger Terminal B with a capacity of 20 million passengers per annum, underground interterminal passage with passenger and luggage tunnels, the third refueling complex with a capacity of up to 1 million 200 thousand tonnes of aviation fuel per year. In the end of 2017, the newest cargo complex with a handling capacity of 380,000 tonnes per year was put into commercial operation. In the future, it is planned to reconstruct Terminal C and Terminal F, as well as to build Terminal C-2. Total volume of private investment in Sheremetyevo Airport development projects will amount for $2.565 billion until 2026.

The presentation stand of the airport at the “NAIS-2018” distinguished by its eye-catching style and clear forms, reflecting the high technological level and the continuous development of Sheremetyevo. The decoration of the booth as well presented various architectural details used for the newest airport facilities, made in the style of Russian constructivism: Terminal B and interterminal passage stations.

The implementation of the Sheremetyevo’s underground interterminal passage was held along with the constant functioning of the busiest and the largest airport in the country. The tunnels were constructed under working runways. The passenger tunnel of interterminal passage will allow passengers to move between remote terminals within 5 minutes. The interterminal passage and all terminals and airport facilities will reduce transfer time to 50 minutes. This is especially important for the effective transfer operations of Aeroflot.

The commissioning of new facilities will significantly enhance the performance of Sheremetyevo airport and its terminal infrastructure. It allows accommodating arriving participants and guests of the FIFA-2018 World Cup and providing them with the best service.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and freight traffic, takeoff and landing operations, the area of the airport facilities and the capacity of the cargo facilities. The Sheremetyevo route network comprises 199 destinations. In 2017, Sheremetyevo set a historic record for passenger traffic, serving 40 million 93 thousand people.

In 2016, Sheremetyevo was ranked first in Europe for the quality of passenger service in the category of airports with a passenger flow of 25-40 million people per year in the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) ACI (Airports Council International) rating.

National award "Air Gates of Russia"is established by the Organizing Committee of the National Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure (NAIS), the Federal Agency for Air Transport and the AVIA.RU portal.

The Expert Council of the Award includes representatives of the leading Russian airlines: Aeroflot, Aurora, Utair, S7, Ural Airlines; heads of industry associations, leading industry journalists AVIA.RU, ATO, RBC, TASS and others.

The main goal of the Award is the creation of a positive image of the airports and their business reputation in the society, as well as the identification and promotion of the most efficient and stable developing airports of the Russian Federation.

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