Aeroflot starts to switch domestic operations to New Terminal B of Sheremetyevo International Airport

Aeroflot has started to switch domestic operations to new terminal complex of Sheremetyevo International Airport — Terminal B. Flights will commence May 3, 2018. First part of the operations with 46 round-trip flights will be switched by June 1, 2018. Transfer passengers can now use the interterminal tunnel — underground passenger and baggage express train that connects the Northern terminal complex (Terminal B) to the Southern (Terminals D,E,F), uniting them “under one roof”. Automated carriages, running every 4 minutes, provide the service between terminal complexes.

The interterminal tunnel can be accessed from the airport’s terminal complexes. The Northern station can be accessed from Ground Level of Terminal B. Southern station is located between Terminals E and D. Passengers can now get to Terminal B both through airport's terminal entrance and via interterminal tunnel. In order to avoid being late for the flight, Aeroflot strongly recommends passengers to arrive at the airport in advance, not later than 3 hours before the departure time.

Below is the primary flights timetable for operations switching to Termnal B

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