For passengers departing/arriving from/at the new Terminal B

Aeroflot launches a phased transfer of domestic flights to new Terminal B. Flights from Terminal B will be carried out from May 3, 2018. The first stage is planned to be completed before June 1, 2018, the company will transfer 46 turnover flights.

For transfer passengers, as well as passengers arriving at terminals of the SouthernTerminal Complex (E, D, F) by Aeroexpress trains, a public or personal transport and subsequent for departure to Terminal B and back via the public zone, an interterminal passage is opened- an underground passenger tunnel , connecting the Northern (Terminal B) and the Southern (Terminals D, E, F & Aeroexpress) airport terminal complexes under one roof.

The communication between Terminal B and the Southern Terminal Complex (Terminals E, D, F) will pass through plying automated trains, departing every 4 minutes.

Access to the interterminal transfer is available through the station complexes — “Sheremetyevo 2” station in the Southern Terminal Complex (D, E, F & Aeroexpress) and the “Sheremetyevo 1” station in Terminal B. The entrance to the “Sheremetyevo 1” station is located at the level of the 1 st ground floor of Terminal B, access is provided both from the station square and from the terminal. The entrance to the “Sheremetyevo 2” station is located in the pedestrian gallery between Terminals E and D. Follow the signs, using escalators or elevators.

Access to the new Terminal B will take place both through its own terminal area and through interterminal station “Sheremetyevo 1”.

How to get to the Terminal B by public transport you can find here. Please pay your attention that the stop of public transport is temporarily located outside the terminal area of ​​Terminal B — the stop “Police” (the landmark is the cafe “Sevastopol”).

Terminal layouts are located in a special section of the site.

Information for transfer passengers you can find here.

Dear passengers, in order to pass the procedure of veterinary control when transporting animals, contact the veterinary control points at Terminals D and E before going to Terminal B.

If you need medical assistance in Terminal B you have to call the airport Call center at +7 (495) 578 65 65.

For questions related to the Lost&Found please contact the Aeroflot Lost&Found desk in the baggage claim area or the information desk.

To avoid delays on flights, we recommend passengers to arrive at the airport in advance, at least three hours before departure.

For additional information on the schedule for transferring flights to Terminal B, please contact the Aeroflot website or call +7 (495) 223 55 55.

If you have any additional questions, please call the Call center of the airport +7(495) 578 65 65, and the airport staff will provide assistance inside the Terminal B.