Travelling with pets

Dear passengers!

When reserving/purchasing airline tickets you shall warn the airline company that you are going to fulfill a flight with a domestic animal or bird.

If you need to transport the animal on the board, you shall inform the airline company about that when purchasing an airline ticket. A passenger is permit to transport simultaneously not more than 2 animals.

Transporting of small domestic animals and birds in the cabin of an airplane is fulfilled only with consent of the airline company. Terms of transporting of animals and birds shall be inquired in the airline company.

For crossing the state border of the RF a veterinary report about the health of the animal is issued in a state veterinary clinic 5 days prior the flight and an obligatory hydrophobia vaccination shall be made.

In case of transporting of animals by passengers veterinary control shall be passed before flight check-in. Customs clearing can be fulfilled only after passing of veterinary control.

In case of exporting of endangered animals and plants, covered by CITES, customs clearing is allowed only if a permit of a federal executive authority body, authorized to protect the environment and natural resources of the Russian Federation, is available. In such cases the abovementioned rules shall be observed.

All questions about permission of importing of a specific species and breed of an animal shall be inquired in a consulate of the destination country.

In case of transporting of animals we recommend you to prepare the following set of documents:

  • veterinary passport;
  • health report, which is issued by any state veterinary clinic (Veterinary certificate, form No.1). The report shall contain information about age vaccinations. The last hydrophobia vaccination shall be made not earlier than one year and not later than two months prior the flight;
  • a certificate from a club (Union of Cynologique Organizations of Russia or Russian Cynologique Association), confirming that the dog has no breeding value. Certificates from other clubs may not be accepted by the customs.

Veterinary control

There is a Moscow air-transport border veterinary point (ABVP), which fulfill control over transporting of animals in air transport.

A veterinary doctor on duty at the ABVP:

  • checks availability of a permit, issued by the main state veterinary inspector of the Russian Federation and his/her substitutes (the permit shall be obtained in advance through the state veterinary service of the subject of the Russian Federation, from which the animals will be transported);
  • checks a veterinary report for transporting of an animal;
  • fulfills inspection of the animal;
  • in case the documents compiles with the existing requirements and the positive results of the inspection, changes the veterinary report for a veterinary certificate;
  • in case of necessity makes the mark “export is permitted” (stamp) in the transporting documents.

Importing of animals from abroad

Owners of animals can import simultaneously not more than 2 domestic animals in case of availability of international documents, issued by state bodies of the country, from which the animals are exported, or international certificates, which shall contain marks about healthiness and vaccination of the animals. The vaccination shall be fulfilled not earlier than 30 days and not later than 12 months prior the departure date. International documents are changed for a veterinary certificate of the Russian Federation.

Animals are considered to be imported to the RF and admitted through the state border after a proper declaring, finishing of control-checking operations and making relevant marks in the documents by state controlling bodies.

Exporting of an animal abroad

On crossing of the state border f the Russian Federation a veterinary report about the health of the animal, issued in a state veterinary clinic 3 days prior the flight with obligatory hydrophobia vaccination, is changed for a veterinary certificate.Documents are valid for 5 days from the date of issue and prior to shipment.

Please, pay your attention to the fact that some countries have strict restrictions or even prohibition for importing of some animals and birds. In this connection we recommend you to inquire the regulations for importing of your animals and birds in advance at the inquiry office of the airline company, the services of which you are planning to use.

On the territory of the Russian Federation

Domestic animals are transported with a veterinary report in the established form with a mark of the veterinary service of the airport. The terms of transporting (necessity of a cage, costs of transporting, etc.) shall be inquired during purchasing of tickets.

You will find regulating documents, the procedure of formalizing transporting of animals and other information, concerning the procedure of import/export of domestic animals, on the web-site

You can obtain more information at the veterinary control point in Sheremetyevo airport (ABVP):

Terminal Е: 2nd floor, opposite the air ticket windows. Follow the signs. Contact telephones: +7 (495) 578-96-52
+7 (925) 081-87-03.

The veterinary control points are open 24 hours.

Terminal D: office A315, 3 floor, Follow the signs. Contact telephones: +7(495)578-24-24 (add. 6634)
+7 (926)533-21-57 (add. 6634)

Service feedback: +7 (495) 578-00-02.