Post office

Dear passengers! In  Terminal F you may use services of «The Russian Mail» .

  • Mail services

    Postal mailing
    Mailing of 1st  class letters (urgent delivery)
    Money transfers throughout  Russia and  neighboring countries
    Mailing of  value parcels and  post packages
    Sale of envelopes, postage stamps, greeting cards, creative cable forms, account deposit cards and lottery tickets
    Opening of post boxes

  • Cable services

    Cables throughout  Russia and  neighboring countries

  • Telephone

    Calls throughout  Russia and  abroad

  • Photocopying

  • Fax

    Fax messages throughout  Russia and  abroad

  • Issue of employment notices to foreign nationals

    For  individuals holding migration notices of  employment in  Russia

  • Contracts for  mobile telephone numbers

+7 (495) 578-17-22
Open hours: