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Passengers with reduced mobility

Sheremetyevo International Airport offers a range of services to assist passengers with reduced mobility at the airport. Each terminal has all necessary infrastructure, is staffed with qualified personnel, and ensures prompt provision of information.

Sheremetyevo International airport jointly with its partners offers to passengers with reduced mobility personal assistance in the terminals, during boarding, deplaning, as well as during the flight. We will do our best to make your stay in the airport the most comfortable and provide everything you need for that, including an invalid carriage.

You may order a special service at the airport by filling out and submitting an application.

We recommend you in advance, not later than 2 days prior the flight, turn to the airport by the address with the aim to inquire the information, necessary for planning of your trip. It will help us to plan our resources in advance and give you recommendations for simplifying of the procedures in the airport.


+7 (495) 578-65-65

Make a request in advance

Early provision of information about required services to the airline will help to plan activities of the airline and the airport in advance so that to facilitate passing through pre-flight procedures at the airport.

Attention: upon reserving and purchasing of an air ticket, inform the operator about the special services and assistance you will need in the airport and during the flight. You should inform the Airline carrier or the Agent on selling tickets about the necessity of such services when purchasing air tickets, but not later than 48 hours prior the flight.

When making a request, you have to specify the following details:

  •  the date and the number of the flight;
  •  the name of airline company;
  •  describe the nature of your limitations (invalidity);
  •  whether you take your invalid carriage with you, its sizes, whether it is folded or not, if it has an accumulator;
  •  availability of crutches or a guide dog;
  •  contact information;
  •  services you need.*

*Inquire a list of possible services in the airline

In accordance with Article 25 of the Federal aviation regulations “General regulations for air transporting of passengers, luggage, cargos and requirements for servicing of passengers, cargo shippers, cargo receivers”, a passenger shall coordinate with the carrier (airline company) transporting of:

  •  a seriously ill passenger;
  • an ill passenger on a stretcher;
  • a deaf unaccompanied passenger;
  • children room (Saturn lounge);
  • a blind passenger with a guide dog;
  • unaccompanied blind and/or deaf passenger, which will be transported under the care of the carrier;
  • a passenger, whose ability to move when using an air transport is limited and/or whose condition demands special attention when being serviced (a passenger with limited excursion).

*A carrier has the right to refuse to transport a passenger, if the physical condition of the passenger threatens the safety of the flight or creates discomfort. Please, apply to your airline company for more information.

For Passengers arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport

Please, inform about special services and assistance you will need at the airport upon arrival when register for flight. If you register for the flight using mobile check-in you should ask at check-in counters to make remarks about the services you will need at the Sheremetyevo Airport.

At Sheremetyevo Airport, in accordance with the civil aviation rules, you will be provided by assistance and support after passengers unloading from the plane.

For Passengers departing from Sheremetyevo Airport

How to get

by "Aeroexpress"

You can get to Sheremetyevo airport by a high-speed electric train. Company "Aeroexpress" will assist you during the whole way from the exit terminal to the entrance terminal of "Aeroexpress" to Sheremetyevo. The service «Personal assistant» includes complex serving of a passenger, who moves in an invalid carriage. To use this service a passenger or a person accompanying him/her shall call in advance to the inquiry service of company "Aeroexpress" by telephone 8-800-700-33-77 and communicate the expected time of departure of a train to Sheremetyevo. Carriages of the electric trains are equipped for transporting of passengers in invalid carriages.

by car

You can use the services of the official carrier "Yandex.Taxi".

To order, please contact:

On the whole territory of the Parking complex, served by LLC "Sheremetyevo parking" privileges for persons with reduced mobility are applied. You can receive the right to use parking places free of charge (in accordance with Article 15 of the Federal Law No.181) by two ways:

  • To call in advance to the administration office of the Complex, located in the building of "Aeroexpress" on the ground floor, by the telephone number +7 (929) 625-00-80 (terminal E,F parking complex)/+7 (926) 640-02-50 (terminal D parking complex) and receive all the necessary information. Communicate the data of your invalid certificate and the registration certificate of your vehicle. In this case the operator will prepare in advance all the necessary documents before your arrival.
  • Upon entering the territory of the Complex you will receive a parking card at the entrance stall of the lifting gate. Determine where it is convenient for you to park your vehicle on the adjacent area by navigational signs, installed on the whole territory (places for invalids have special marking). When you are ready to leave the parking zone, you or the person accompanying you shall come to the administration office of the Complex, located on the ground floor of the building of "Aeroexpress". After that the parking card for free of charge exit is discharged and you can freely exit the parking territory.

Plan of location of parking areas

Check-in and inspection

For convenience of passengers, which can not move independently or which need medical assistance a possibility of passing of customs, passport (for international flights) and special control at first aid, of Sheremetyevo airport is provided. After passing of these procedures you will be delivered on the board in an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin). In case of necessity accompanying by a qualified medical employee is provided.

Luggage service

Luggage and transport services for passengers with reduced mobility are free of charge (not more than 2 units of luggage will be carried for you free of charge).

"Sirius", "Saturn" and "Mercury" lounge

Sirius lounge is located in the area behind passport control points of Terminal E. Passengers of terminals D, E, F, having passed all the pre-flight procedures and passengers, travelling by transit, can use the services of the lounge.

Saturn lounge is located in the public area of Terminal D, 1 floor. Documents for departure are required for visiting Saturn lounge. Working hours around the clock

Mercury lounge is located in the public area of Terminal В, 1 floor. Documents for departure are required for visiting Mercury lounge.

Lounges can offer you:

  • an individual service room with a call button for calling an administrator and with a therapy bed;
  • an Internet-café with free of charge Wi-Fi access and portable devices for reading (for blind and visually impaired persons);
  • specially equipped toilets;
  • comfortable recreation area with a large plasma screen;
  • children room (Saturn lounge);
  • a hall with a “sound panel” (for passenger with hearing dysfunction, using hearing devices in “T” mode).

*The services are provided free of charge. To use the services of the lounge turn to an informational desk or to an operator during checking in. Learn the rulesLearn the rules


We in advance express our special gratitude for information about specific nuances and problems, you have encountered in Sheremetyevo airport. Please, fill in the questionnaire and send your comments to address:

Your opinion is very important for us!

Sheremetyevo International Airport has issued an information leaflet for passengers with reduced mobility. Leaflet contains the relevant information about the services provided by the airport and its partners.Your personal copy you can always find all over the airport, business and VIP-lounges, as well as in the lounges for passengers with reduced mobility — Sirius & Saturn.

The web version of the leafletPDF, 960.4 KB