Development of the North Terminal Complex

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of the most important elements of the RF’s transport infrastructure. As part of the Federal Targeted Program “Development of the Russian transport system (2010-2020)”, Sheremetyevo Airport is executing a reconstruction of its air transport facilities using funds from the federal budget. Using alternative funding sources not including federal funding, such as those received from JSC MASH and its partners, the following projects are to be implemented: the reconstruction, extension, and construction of passenger terminals, a cargo terminal, a third aircraft fueling unit, and other ground infrastructure required for servicing passengers and airlines.

As part of the implementation of the Federal Targeted Program, Sheremetyevo Airport started constructing a third runway (R-3) on the grounds adjacent to the North Terminal Complex. After the R-3 launch scheduled for 2017, the major remaining factor limiting the passenger traffic of JSC MASH will be the terminals` capacity. Currently, the terminals of the South Terminal Complex are loaded to more than 80% capacity, which may later incur a risk of quality deterioration in the servicing of passengers and airlines. Terminal C functions at 50% capacity, and it is difficult to further increase the North Terminal Complex capacity due to the absence of transport infrastructure and limited access to Aeroexpress railway station. These factors can adversely affect the Sheremetyevo Airport’s development as an international air hub as well as its passenger growth dynamics, making it more difficult for the airport to attract new airlines.

Additionally, OJSC Aeroflot—the airport’s core air-carrier—is constantly increasing its passenger traffic and expanding its operations at Sheremetyevo Airport. In order to satisfy airlines’ needs for increases in the airport’s capacity, to eliminate the existing imbalance between the North and the South Terminal Complexes, and remove the restrictions on cargo processing in the northern sector, a project towards the development of the North Terminal Complex has been formulated.

The North Terminal Complex, which has an annual capacity of 40 million passengers, is one of the strategic areas for growth within Sheremetyevo Airport operations, and its development is included in the airport’s Master plan up to 2030. The first stage of the new complex is designed to accommodate an annual capacity of 15 million passengers. This sector also includes a design for an exit from the underground terminal-to-terminal tunnel connecting the North and the South areas of the airport. Plans call for the completion of construction of the underground tunnel and the new Terminal B to coincide simultaneously with the completion of construction and launch of R-3. Execution of these projects is scheduled to be completed by the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia.

On September 30th, 2013, during bidding procedures, TPS AVIA HOLDING was chosen to be the investor for development projects at the Sheremetyevo Airport North Terminal Complex.

On April 11th, 2014, JSC MASH’s Board of Directors confirmed its decision to establish joint ventures with TPS AVIA HOLDING. Plans call for the investor to allocate its own resources towards the development of the North Terminal Complex and the construction of an underground tunnel used to ensure terminal-to-terminal communication.

The Board of Directors approved the establishment of Sheremetyevo Terminal B LLC, with a charter capital of 9,870,009,285 rubles, JSC MASH’s share in it, and the establishment of Sheremetyevo Terminal-To-Terminal Passage LLC with a charter capital of 10,079,069,767 rubles.

These decisions offer Sheremetyevo Airport exciting possibilities to attract investments in its new projects — the construction of a new Terminal B as well as underground passenger and baggage tunnels. The area of the new Terminal B is to be around 100 thousand m² with an annual capacity of 15 million passengers. The tunnels, each 2,138m long, connect the North and the South areas of the airport. The above mentioned projects are to be put into operation in 2017.

The construction of a new terminal in the Northern area of Sheremetyevo Airport will ensure a passenger traffic growth of up to 53 million passengers by 2023, while maintaining a continuously high level of service quality. This will provide optimal conditions for the prospective development and achievement of goals of the airport’s strategic partner, OJSC Aeroflot — Russian Airlines, while also enabling Sheremetyevo Airport to continue its normal operation as an international air hub.

The Terminal-To-Terminal Passage (tunnel) is going to connect the North and the South Terminal Complexes and eliminate obstacles preventing the development of Sheremetyevo Airport. The tunnel will provide for the delivery of passengers and baggage, including their transit. It will help rearrange the existing passenger flow between the North and the South Terminal Complexes, which will considerably increase the available capacity of Terminal C, as well as the rate of occupancy for Terminal B and the North Terminal Complex as a whole. Moreover, this leads to a more balanced terminal load, increasing the service quality for airlines and passengers.

Organization of terminal-to-terminal communication will substantially extend Sheremetyevo Airport’s potential for servicing transit passengers. The tunnel’s capacity will enable the airport to provide services to the total volume of transfer passenger traffic between the North and the South Terminal Complexes. Terminal-to-terminal passenger communication will ensure a minimum connection time and increase the efficiency of passenger transfer between the terminals. The baggage tunnel will shorten the time of baggage transportation between the terminals and provide opportunities to arrange a single integrated baggage system. The improvement of terminal-to-terminal logistics will make the airport even more attractive for airlines and passengers.

It is planned that TPS AVIA HOLDING, paired with Lukoil, are to construct a third aircraft fueling unit at Sheremetyevo Airport. Construction of this unit is aimed at satisfying the needs of airlines and the airport along with the R-3’s construction. Currently there are only two independent aircraft fueling units located at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Sheremetyevo Airport is developing its strategies in accordance with the latest trends and best practices of the air industry. It takes into account the newest requirements for international airports, including aviation safety and security as well as the quality of services provided to passengers and airlines.

Through the implementation of its modernization program, Sheremetyevo Airport aimed at enhancing its position as one of the top European air hubs, and focuses its operations into being the embodiment of innovative leadership, quality, and high economic efficiency. All of these features make Moscow more attractive as a promising international financial center, and our country more competitive as a whole. The development of Sheremetyevo Airport’s infrastructure is particularly important in the window of time before the FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia in 2018.