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International-to-Domestic Flight

Changing from an international to a domestic flight is possible for the flights of such airlines as Aeroflot, DonAvia, NordAvia.

For information on the transit procedure for Aeroflot, contact the airline.

When changing from an international to domestic flight upon arrival at Terminal F, it’s necessary to claim the luggage, pass all the required formal procedures, leave the lounge of arrival and move to the terminal indicated on the ticket.

Further, it’s necessary to pass all pre-flight formalities in accordance with the regular procedure

If any difficulties arise, contact the operating staff for transfer passengers. These staff members can be found in the arrival area and at the “Transit / Transfer desk” located in high-traffic areas of the airport

When travelling to Minsk via Moscow the passengers, as of countries with Russian visas, should obtain a Russian transit visa.

International flight arrival at Terminal D, domestic flight departure from Terminal D. Minimal connecting time between the flights is 1h. 10 min.

From the jet bridge you should proceed up to the arrival gallery, go to passport control, and claim your luggage (if the luggage is checked for the destination point, if any questions concerning luggage claim arise, you should contact the staff at the Transit desk) and pass to the transfer area of arrival (the entrance is located near baggage carousel No. 5). Upon completion of customs control procedures, you should check in for the connecting flight and check your luggage. Then you should go to the 3rd floor, pass pre-flight inspection and proceed to the departure gate.

If you are transferred from the aircraft to the Terminal by bus, you should take the escalator to the next floor, go through the passport control and then follow the aforementioned system.

International flight arrival at Terminal F, domestic flight departure from Terminal D. Minimal connecting time between the flights is 1h. 30 min.

From the jet bridge you should proceed to the arrival gallery, take the stairs down, pass through passport control and claim your luggage. After claiming your luggage, take the elevator or escalator to the second floor (departure lounge) in the left wing (Sector A) which has a connection between Terminal F and Terminals E and D. At an easy pace, this will take you 10–15 minutes maximum. Your check-in counters are No. 1 to 29.

If you are transferred from the aircraft to the terminal by bus, you should pass through passport control and proceed further according to the aforementioned system.

Domestic and international flight arrivals to Terminals D, E, F, international flight departure from Terminal С . Minimal connecting time between the flights is 2 hours.

You should proceed to the baggage claim area. After claiming your luggage, you can use the free shuttle bus following the internal route from Terminal Е in accordance with the time schedule, or you can get to the necessary terminal yourself by public transportation.

Have a nice flight!