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Transfer passengers' scheme

Dear passengers, if you make a change from a domestic to an international flight and back, to avoid luggage delay at the customs control station, we recommend you to check your luggage in at the airport of departure before arriving at Sheremetyevo. In this case, you should pick up your luggage at the airport and check it during the check-in procedure for a new flight.

A comfortable bus is available for servicing transfer passengers.

Dear passengers, please make yourself accustomed to the flight rules of your airline in advance at the departure place.

In case of any difficulty, contact the operating staff for transfer passengers. These staff members can be found in the arrival area and at “Transit / Transfer counter” located in the high-traffic areas of the airport.

When travelling to Minsk via Moscow by passengers, as citizens of countries with visas for Russia, should obtain a Russian transit visa.

Services in case of flight delays.

In case of interruption due to the fault of the carrier, flight delay or cancellation due to unfavorable weather conditions, technical and other reasons for route changes, the airlines provide the passengers with the following services in the points of departure and in transit places:

  • childcare areas for passengers with a child under seven-years-old;
  • two telephone calls or messages via e-mail / fax while waiting for a flight for more than two hours;
  • soft drinks in case of flight delay over two hours;
  • hot meal in case of flight delay over four hours and later on every six hours — for daytime and every eight hours — for night time;
  • accommodation in a hotel in case of flight delay over eight hours — for daytime and over six hours — for night time;
  • transfer from the airport to the hotel and back in cases when the hotel is offered by the airlines without extra charge;
  • luggage storage.

The services listed in this section are rendered to passengers without any extra fee.

Additional services provided by the airlines to passengers in Moscow in case of missed connection

  • If empty seats are available, reissuing the tickets for other flights of the airlines.
  • Passengers are put up in hotels if vacant rooms are available.

Tickets printed on different form sheets do not give a passenger transfer status. In case of flight delay or cancellation, the airline company does not take responsibility for cases of being late for the flight indicated in another ticket. In this case, reissuance of the plane ticket, accommodation in a hotel, food and ground transportation are paid for by the passenger (at his / her own expense). In case there are no empty seats available for the next flights indicated on another ticket, the airlines which caused the flight delay or cancellation is not obliged to provide transfer of the passenger.

Information for passengers travelling to/from/via the USA.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires you to present personal information, such as first, middle, last names, date of birth, sex for further examination of the list of passengers in accordance with US laws and regulations. You can also submit data on previous checks — Redress Number (if available).

Refusal to represent reliable information (first, middle, last names, date of birth, sex) can result in refusal of transfer or refusal to enter the boarding area. The TSA reserves the right to submit these data to other US authorities. For more detailed information, please, refer to the web-site of the US Transportation Security Administration — TSA.

Considering that there is no transit area in JFK Airport and in accordance with US customs legislation, the passengers having transfers via JFK Airport (New York) are obligated to pass through customs processing of luggage in the airport of destination (including international transfers). If the customs processing is not performed, the luggage is held by customs until it is identified. Upon completion of customs formalities, the passenger passes his luggage in the drop-off area located right at the entrance of the customs area of luggage dispensing.